About GetSet Inc & Our Mission

“We take pride in helping the Youth of our Community to prepare for their future after leaving school into the transition phase of entering into the workforce.
Our Aim at Get Set is to customise a tailored service, aiming to successfully match the most suitable candidate for all available positions, maximising apprentice/Trainee completion rates.”

Our mission is to provide locally based employment, apprenticeship and traineeship solutions to employers and offer a career trajectory for students to attain their career goals working within their local community.

We build confidence in the community by training, upskilling, advising and managing a local employment pool and pair employment solutions that businesses need with local people working to reach their career goals.

Welcome to GetSet Group Training Services

Here at GetSet we offer a variety of Workshops, Mentoring and Training Programs for the Youth in Our Community.

Our Services Include:

  • Group Training Services
  • Youth Mentoring Programs (covers Albury, Murrumbidgee and Wagga electorates)
  • WIN Program
  • Information provided to Apprentices and Trainees
  • Labour Hire Services
  • Recruiting services
  • Work ready workshops
  • Work For The Dole Project Coordination

Below will give you an insight into the services we provide here at GetSet.


 Alternative employment arrangement for Apprenticeships and Traineeships, creating quality employment and training opportunities in a number of enterprises including agriculture.

  • Resume Assistance, customising resumes, providing assistance with content and structure, meeting job advertisement and selection criteria requirements (Fee’s do apply for this assistance)
  • Recruitment, with potential to reach interested and suitable candidates through social media resources throughout local High Schools and the Riverina Institute of TAFE
  • Screening, aptitude tests relating to specific available positions/ trades, providing work readiness sessions to eligible candidates.

*Employers are welcome to attend sessions in which issuing of results are given to ensure an informed decision can be made in employing their future apprentice/trainee.

BENEFITS (GetSet Obligations)

  • Assist, select, recruit apprentices/trainees
  • Undertake employer responsibilities including wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensation, sick leave, holiday pay and other employment benefits
  • Management continuing the quality of training both on and off the job
  • Provide additional care, ongoing monitoring and support necessary to achieve successful completion
  • Provide regular updates/ correspondence in relation to apprentice progress
  • Liaise with registered training organisations (RTO’s) regarding course content, attendance and results.
  • Support/advise employers throughout the duration of the apprenticeship/traineeship


GetSet tailors individual recruitment needs

    We monitor individual apprentices and/or casual labourers for larger organisations such as

  • Sunrice
  • Webster Ltd
  • Freedom Foods
  • AGS (Australian Grain Storage)
  • Southern Central Engineering

Including Small Businesses

  • Newlec Electrical
  • Contractors and S & G Dryburgh Electrical
  • Hotondo Homes


  • We provide ongoing support to Host Employers and their relationship with the employees during their employment term
  • We assist and aide in employees returning to work if injured
  • The company is committed to the rehabilitation of an injured employee


Professional recruitment for Australian Apprenticeships including school based Apprenticeships / Traineeships (SBATS)

  • Genuine opportunities for skill based training/ development for all industries
  • Combining work and study that leads to a nationally recognised qualification
  • We give you the opportunity to employ a young person in a Australian Apprenticeship/ traineeship whilst completing their education
  • SBATS increase skills base, lift productivity, morale and retention rates


  • Opportunity to employ young people through flexible part time arrangements
  • Investing in the future skills needs of your business industry
  • To assist and support your business. Government incentives are available
  • Payroll tax rebates/exemptions
  • SBAT’S have support from schools, businesses and the Group Training Organisation
  • Formal training/skill development with access to the latest industry endorsed training
  • Flexibility- Full /part time school based employment for 15 years of age
  • Offered in a range of industries
  • Organise training to suit individual industry requirements

“We have an excellent rapport and an extensive employer database with schools, TAFE Campuses and Employers…This gives us the edge in sourcing the ideal candidate for any position”


  • Allows student to hear direct from employers (instead of classroom teachers)
  • At the end of the day students leave with clear employer expectations
  • Students exposure to GetSets delivery have a clear advantage over those who are not in similar programs
  • Participation allows students to network between themselves/make contact with employers
  • Wonderful opportunity for young adults to gain knowledge of the working world
  • Covers various important topics assisting in transition from school to work
  • Gives a positive start entering into the workforce
  • Hands on experience
  • Staff accredited with a certificate IV in Training and assessment, boasting a wealth of knowledge/ clear understanding of what employer’s expectations are with students in the workplace
  • Over 1600 employers on GetSet database, giving access to a huge cross-section of industries
  • Helps students understand their roles/responsibilities in the workplace



  • Confidence building, personal skills, knowledge and attitude required when attending work placement, work experience, work study classes
  • Developing students understanding of work ethics in the workplace/employer requirements
  • Preparing career/transition to work
  • Delivering nationally recognised units that may assist in providing recognition for prior learning for future training
  • Giving a better understanding in writing job applications and preparing resumes
  • Students learning how to present themselves in a work/job seeking environment
  • Employers acknowledge schools preparing work with students building a sustainable when requesting work experience/ work placement
  • ‘Identify own essential skills’ unit allows students to match existing skills against those needed in the workplace
  • ‘Develops basic awareness of workplace priorities’ unit gives students the opportunity to learn about work practices they will experience in the workplace


  • Supervision of varying Work for The Dole programs in both Leeton and Griffith

Work for the Dole can help job seekers:

  • develop the skills that employers want
  • show they are ready to start work
  • meet new people and make contacts who can be a referee
  • become involved in their local community

Current and previous Work for the Dole projects:

  • Assumption Villa
  • Girl Guides Hall
  • Fivebough Wetlands
  • Neighbourhood House
  • Griffith Post School Options
  • Ningana


*This program covers three electorates within the Murrumbidgee, Wagga and Albury

  • State wide youth mentoring program aiming to see over 1200 young people in years 8-9 matched with a mentor in their community to encourage them to become activity engaged in their school communities and to develop their skills/confidence
  • The NSW YMP builds young people’s skills, capacity/community connectedness through mentoring to help young mentees achieve their goals/deliver a civic project of their choosing


  • Community harmony
  • Youth mental health
  • Sporting engagement
  • Empowering young women
  • Centenary of ANZAC
  • Environment/conservation
  • General