GetSet Labour Hire Services

GetSet Inc. can provide your business with labour hire solutions from a large database of skilled and less skilled casual employee’s to suit your labour needs.

GetSet also assists with the administration, payroll of all casual employees, workcover and Superannuation.

Employee commitment is with the labour Hire Company, they are not directly employed by the company to whom they provide labour. The distinction when using Group Training and Labour Hire is that labour Hire Services has a legislative responsibility to ensure that all legal components of employment are met.

GetSet’s labour hire services incorporate the following:

  •  Sourcing via our talent pool of labour hire employees who have worked for us in the past and going to the market to top this pool up with new employees via advertising.
  •  Gaining an insight into the site, the company, the culture and the positions, to ensure GetSet has a full understanding of your labour requirements.
  •  Conducting Interviews with potential candidates
  •  Reference checks to ensure the right candidate for the position
  •  Our labour hire employees undertake an induction with us prior to going onto your site. we cover WH&S and Harassment & Bullying in the workplace.
  •  Customised inductions for the employers specific needs can also be undertaken
  •  Award interpretation. GetSet take on the responsibility to ensure the labour hire employee is being paid at the right level and under the most relevant award.
  •  Payment of wages, PAYG tax, payroll tax, WorkCover and superannuation.
  •  Group certificates and separation certificates.
  •  All hiring and termination of labour hire assignments.

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