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Trade Ready Program

The Trade Ready program is an intensive four day training course designed to engage students in years 10, 11 and 12 and greatly expands upon information delivered in the WIN Program. The program accommodates up to 15 students for a four day training seminar with an industry tour on the fourth day to introduce students to industries and professionals within their local areas. The course is spread over four weeks to ease the impact on their studies.

In the first three sessions we work on resume, cover letter and introduction letter development; an understanding of what employers want and their hiring practices; interview preparation workshop; how to develop a good work ethic; workplace basics and the differences between service, office and trade based environments; HR practices and policies including confidentiality, bullying and anti-harassment policies; workplace health and safety and how it applies to any work environment.

Our connections in the community allow us to bring in representatives from many of the industries the students are considering careers in. They participate in our programs as guest speakers and in the employer forum to help properly set expectations for the students about their respective industries. We also invite some of our apprentices and trainees to participate as they can offer students a first-hand perspective on the process of working their way through the educational process and explain the various options their certifications have given them.

On the final day of the Trade Ready sessions we are able to give them an inside look at the more popular industries specifically tailored to the group’s interests. This gives students an intimate look at the workstations, workplaces and environments they would be working in and the chance to meet some of the people and decision makes in the industries. We have found that once a student has had a chance to do their own research into an industry preference, they are in a better position to make informed decisions about their future.

This program can further be reinforced with GetSet facilitated and monitored work experience placements. If a student’s goal is to gain an apprenticeship or traineeship, we strongly recommend students commence and successfully complete work experience placements prior to the end of the school year as traineeships and apprenticeships commence after the start of the new school year. While work experience placements are not a guarantee of future employment, it gives the student the chance to prove themselves to an employer. When an apprenticeship, traineeship or entry level position opens up, the employer will already know what the student is capable of.