The need for trainees and apprentices is increasing. The economy can hinge on key factors like supply versus demand. With the population steadily rising, more goods enter the marketplace. More homes will be built and bought, more cars will be sold. The demand for skilled crafts people and skilled labour will follow those trends and employment numbers will rise accordingly.

Looking at price fluctuations and comparing them with supply and demand shows as supply drops and demand rises, prices will increase. Industry wages are no exception. If you’re interested in finding a well paying and stable career, don’t overlook the value of going into the trades.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald shared the thoughts of Andre Diez de Aux, the director of policy and research at TAFE Directors Australia who said “”[If we don’t fix this], we’ll find ourselves with jobs without people to fill them…””

Will you be one of those people going into a stable, long term career or one left on the sideline?