How to set yourself apart in an interview!

Navigating the job market can be tricky enough. GetSet have found some tips and tricks that will help make your interview a good one.

Everyone should know you’ve got to make sure your resume looks great and is up to date, study up on the business you’re applying at and make sure you’ve got all the right answers for an upcoming interview. You may feel confident you know the right responses for the interview however there is one simple question that can easily trip you up if you’re not prepared.

Many employers like to quiz interviewees on the aspects of the job role, the qualifications and skills they may possess, but at the end, they like to toss out a seemingly simple question: “Do you have any questions for me/us?” According to a recent article by Forbes, this can be a make or break question.

When doing your research work to come up with some questions to ask your interviewer. If they ask if you have any questions, don’t miss the opportunity. It’s a great opportunity to ask about the corporate culture, the future plans for the business, even about the interviewer themselves.

Some good questions to ask will be around the role you’re applying for and what you might be able to do to contribute to the team. It’s also good to ask what challenges you might face in the role. You can also ask the interviewer how long they’ve been with the organization, what they like about working for the organization, etc.

As the article points out, most interviews will likely answer questions as the conversation goes on. Make sure you keep some questions in mind for the end of the conversation if you want to make a good impression!