Another Youth Frontiers project is off to a great start

Another Youth Frontiers project is off to a great start. Leeton High School students Jorja and Molly are focusing their efforts on raising awareness to some of the mental health related issues youth deal with. Their research led them to Headspace where they were able to see the positive impact the organization has on youth.

Motivated, inspired and looking to inspire others the duo were joined by their mentor Sam Cirillo and they set up at Woolies yesterday to raise funds through a Krispy Kreme doughnut fundraiser. Please message us at GetSet if you’d like to make a donation or order a box of doughnuts and we will help you get in touch with the girls.

Molly and Jorja were selected to participate in the Youth Frontiers Mentoring Program, a statewide initiative designed to pair high school aged students with professionals within their community. The teams develop civic projects and take their first steps in being active in their communities. Molly and Jorja are two of only seven students selected from Leeton High school to participate in the program.