Australian Apprenticeship Pathways

Students preparing to leave high school have a difficult time contemplating their futures. Most tend to look towards one of two primary options. One road leads to careers after studying at universities, and another leads to careers through traineeship programs or apprenticeship programs.

Many people think that apprenticeships and traineeships are for those interested in getting into trades, but that is only part of the equation. There are many pathways to excellent careers in business administration, financial services, retail, or logistics just to name a few that be achieved through traineeships and apprenticeships.

For students who know they don’t want to go to a university or those who don’t quite know what career they want to pursue, should consider a career trajectory through various programs offered by group training organizations and managed by GetSet. Traineeship and apprenticeships offer many benefits that a basic university degree can’t. Apprenticeships and traineeships offer on-the-job training and when students complete their training they are already employed. Another benefit is the majority of employers will cover most or in some cases all of the fees for the training. Upon completing their training students find they are employed and have much lower debts associated with their education.

We work with employers and various education facilities like TAFE to ensure trainees and apprentices have the best chance at success. We closely monitor a student’s progress through their education and help them maintain progress as they balance on-the-job training and classroom or online based education.

If you’re interested in finding out what’s available or want to get a better understanding of apprenticeships and traineeships and how GetSet can help, give us a call today!