Benefits of utilizing a Group Training Organization

There are many benefits of utilizing GetSet, a Group Training Organization to monitor and manage trainees and apprentices on behalf of your business. They have access to industry and trade specific resources; we closely monitor the student’s progress and are able to dedicate time and resources to helping them to complete their training. All of which allows host employers to concentrate on doing what they do best and running their own business.

A recent study by NCVER closely examined the progress and completion rates of apprentices and trainees across a wide range of criteria.  Trainees and apprentices showed a higher completion rate when commencing an apprenticeship or traineeship managed by a Group Training Organization. Trainees and apprentices showed no significant advantage commencing and completing a traineeship or an apprenticeship in large metropolitan areas.

As stated in the study: “The role of GTOs (Group Training Organizations) includes providing the additional care and ongoing support necessary for apprentices to successfully complete their training and thus maximize completion rates.”

“It’s not always easy for direct employers of apprentices to provide these types of support,” Managing director of NCVER Simon Walker said of the results of the study.

Group Training Organizations showing improved completion rates attribute the improvement to site visits. We strongly believe in close and regular communication with host employers, training providers and the apprentices and trainees. Open communication allows us the ability to promptly address issues and concerns and determine appropriate solutions to help they an apprentice or trainee back on track.

GetSet have a long history of managing and monitoring traineeships and apprenticeships. Contact us today to learn how we can help you find your next apprentice and help them complete their training.