Considering adding an apprentice or trainee?

There are many reasons to add a trainee or an apprentice to your business. It allows you to bring someone in, someone new to the industry and you can work with them to develop their skills in a way that benefits your individual business. As diverse as businesses across NSW are, there are aspects of your business that make you unique and the leader in your industry, tailoring the skills of your employees to suit your business is an important facet. Those individual skill sets are things that have become part of your corporate culture and are what your clients and customers expect.

GetSet can help your staff grow their skills as your business grows. Our goal is building strong communities by helping businesses find the people they need and helping students transition from school and into careers to become productive and contributing members of their community. We help recruit suitable candidates and guide you through the process of determining which training organization best suits your business’s individual needs. We manage their payroll, super, work cover and closely monitor their progress through their courses. We catch little issues before they become big problems that could jeopardize their progress or impact your business. We help keep your business competitive and ahead of your competition with highly trained and skilled staff.

In the past, the addition of a trainee or apprentice also brought TAFE fees that add to the expense of bringing on a new team member. NSW Department of Industry have waived TAFE fees for up to 100,000 trainees and apprentices who are entering one of over 120 Smart and Skilled programs.

These programs are within in-demand industries, which will come as no surprise to employers within those industries. Many businesses in these industries have seen consistent growth to their business and expect to see that growth trend continue. Vocation Education and Training expect to see a need for 50,000 skilled construction workers and 19,000 chefs across NSW in the next 12 months alone.

So why not let GetSet show you the pathway to up-skilling your staff and keep you ahead of your competitors? Give us a call today!