Creative interview techniques

Navigating the job market can be tricky. If you’re offered a coffee, tea, water or soft drink in an interview, what you do with the empty glass or mug can make a big difference. As employers review candidates qualifications they are looking to answer more than just the question ‘can they do the job?’ More and more employers are looking to find out if a candidate is a good fit for their corporate culture. They want to know if you will fit into their team and if you will be able to maintain and support the ideals and beliefs they have that establish their corporate identity.

One of the tricks many employers use is to determine someone’s interest in working for their business. They ask ‘what do you know about us’ to gauge how much an individual knows about who the business is, what they’re known for, what they do and who they might do it for. A local employer in Leeton explained it’s how they find out of someone just wants a job or if they want to work for that particular business.

In an article recently published by Perth Now, business and accounting software manufacturer Xero said they use a coffee mug to determine if someone will be a good fit with their corporate culture. Over the course of the interview they deliberately offer an employment candidate a coffee, water or even a soft drink in a glass. They are looking to see what the candidate will do with it at the end of the interview. If they offer to take it back to the kitchen, they will likely be offered a job. They deliberately looked for the lowest level task they could find to determine if they took on everything they should be doing.

Keep that in mind the next time you go for a job interview and are offered something to drink. What you do with the empty mug or glass can make a big difference.

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