GetSet would like to congratulate Theo Burton

GetSet would like to congratulate Theo Burton for his hard work in the Youth Frontiers Mentoring Program. Theo is a student at Mount Austin High School in Wagga who chose to dedicate his efforts towards raising awareness of endangered species in Australia and within the Wagga community. He worked closely with his mentor Hamish Hocking in developing a PowerPoint presentation he hoped would engage a wide audience and encourage others to find ways to promote conservation. He developed a flyer to go along with the presentation.

Theo worked with Wagga City Council and the Visitor Information Centre in Wagga to ensure his message reached a wide audience. He diligently researched several species known nationally in addition to several species affected within the greater Wagga area and included key details in his presentation to raise awareness of the individual species. Upon completion, Theo and Hamish presented their work to the Wagga City Library and the Wagga Visitor Information Centre who each agreed to publically display his presentation to the public and offer his flyers to others looking for more information.

Theo’s work was considered by FACS in Sydney to be well above and beyond and his project is considered to have been one of the best in the state. Theo and his mentor Hamish have flown into Sydney today to receive recognition for their efforts. We are extremely proud of your hard work Theo, well done!