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GetSet Apprentice & Trainee Induction 2 Welcome


Congratulations on becoming an employee (hereinafter referred to as an Apprentice) with GetSet Group Training Services.

In this induction manual we will provide you with valuable information on your employment with GetSet Group Training Services and explain the relationships between you, GetSet Group Training Services, your Host Employer and the Registered Training Organisation.

We will explain what is expected of you during your Apprenticeship and give details of the assistance available to help you successfully complete your Apprenticeship.

Throughout your Apprenticeship GetSet Group Training Services will be providing you with one on one mentoring with your Area Manager to further assist you in your workplace.  This will also include a quarterly face to face meeting with both you and your Host Employer.

GetSet Group Training Services will initially go through an induction process with you; you will receive a vast amount of information of which you are encouraged to contact your GetSet Group Training Services Area Manager should you need further clarification.

Congratulations and best wishes for your future endeavors.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Valenzisi

Executive Officer

GetSet INC.