Interview tips, what NOT to do


The interview process is one of the most stressful and potentially challenging part of the job search process. An article from Huffington Post published advice to job seekers offering examples of what not to do the next time you’re shopping for a job.

Some of the suggestions in the article are obvious like being honest, polite and not complaining about a previous employer. However some tips are things easily overlooked that could have a huge impact on how your interview goes.

One suggestion that made the list is one we always reinforce, the importance of knowing the company who you are looking to work for. We work closely with a local employer in Leeton who asks candidates in a job interview: ‘Who are we and what do we do?’ He explains the questions are a way for him to determine which candidates just want a job and which candidates want to work for them. It pays to do your research, look at the company’s website and facebook page before your interview and pay close attention to their ‘about us’ section. Doing your homework could mean the difference between receiving the job offer you’re looking for or missing out.

Take a look at the article for more great tips on what not to do in your next interview.