Polite pays!

Being polite pays off in more ways than one, but did you know it can make the difference in gaining a higher paying salary? A recent article published by the Huffington Post showed how employers reward candidates for being polite. A simple ‘thank you’ might help you get a higher salary.

The article states that of the recruiters approached for comment said 63% would be more likely to hire someone who asked for slightly more money and sent a thank-you note than someone who asked for slightly less money but did not send a note.

Does everyone thank recruiters and potential employers for their time? No. According to the article only 26% of candidates send a thank you. That means three out of every four job seekers are potentially leaving money on the table, or worse, lose the opportunity to someone who took the time to say thanks.

So, what do you do? Easy, take the time to get an email address from your interviewer and send them a quick thank you. Thank them for their time and consideration. It really is that easy.

Take a look at the article for more information on how being polite can pay off!