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GetSet Inc Community involvement

Win Program and Work Ready Workshops

  • Allows student to hear direct from employers (instead of classroom teachers)
  • At the end of the day students leave with clear employer expectations
  • Students exposure to GetSets delivery have a clear advantage over those who are not in similar programs
  • Participation allows students to network between themselves/make contact with employers
  • Wonderful opportunity for young adults to gain knowledge of the working world
  • Covers various important topics assisting in transition from school to work
  • Gives a positive start entering into the workforce
  • Hands on experience
  • Staff accredited with a certificate IV in Training and assessment, boasting a wealth of knowledge/ clear understanding of what employer’s expectations are with students in the workplace
  • Over 1600 employers on GetSet database, giving access to a huge cross-section of industries
  • Helps students understand their roles/responsibilities in the workplace

Workshops Assist by

  • Confidence building, personal skills, knowledge and attitude required when attending work placement, work experience, work study classes
  • Developing students understanding of work ethics in the workplace/employer requirements
  • Preparing career/transition to work
  • Delivering nationally recognised units that may assist in providing recognition for prior learning for future training
  • Giving a better understanding in writing job applications and preparing resumes
  • Students learning how to present themselves in a work/job seeking environment
  • Employers acknowledge schools preparing work with students building a sustainable when requesting work experience/ work placement
  • ‘Identify own essential skills’ unit allows students to match existing skills against those needed in the workplace
  • ‘Develops basic awareness of workplace priorities’ unit gives students the opportunity to learn about work practices they will experience in the workplace

Work for the Dole

  • Supervision of varying Work for The Dole programs in both Leeton and Griffith

Work for the Dole can help job seekers:

  • develop the skills that employers want
  • show they are ready to start work
  • meet new people and make contacts who can be a referee
  • become involved in their local community

Current and previous Work for the Dole projects:

  • Assumption Villa
  • Girl Guides Hall
  • Fivebough Wetlands
  • Neighbourhood House
  • Griffith Post School Options
  • Ningana

Nsw Youth Mentoring Services Program

*This program covers three electorates within the Murrumbidgee, Wagga and Albury

  • State wide youth mentoring program aiming to see over 1200 young people in years 8-9 matched with a mentor in their community to encourage them to become activity engaged in their school communities and to develop their skills/confidence
  • The NSW YMP builds young people’s skills, capacity/community connectedness through mentoring to help young mentees achieve their goals/deliver a civic project of their choosing

Project Categories

  • Community harmony
  • Youth mental health
  • Sporting engagement
  • Empowering young women
  • Centenary of ANZAC
  • Environment/conservation
  • General