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School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

What is it and how does it best suit my business?

Trainees and apprentices are the future of any organization in developing your higher skilled employees. You bring in an individual and train them to best suit your individual organization and ensure they fit into your corporate culture. So how will a school based traineeship or apprenticeship differ?

Your apprentice or trainee is still enrolled in school with the expectation that they will complete high school as they progress through the first portion of their traineeship or apprenticeship.

We all expect the best from our employees and the expectation an apprentice or trainee will complete high school as a component of their traineeship or apprenticeship ensures the individual is more highly skilled and up to the task. If your organization demands the very best, school based apprentices and trainees will be the best solution for staff development.

School Based Apprenticeships And Traineeships

School based apprenticeships and traineeships made easy!

Bringing on an apprentice or trainee into your organization is a complicated and complex process. Many businesses find the recruitment process to be time consuming and worry about a candidate being up to the task. GetSet can help across all fronts.

We conduct a recruitment process best suited to your organization’s individual needs in order to ensure the right candidate for the job. We are able to administer role specific aptitude tests to help identify a candidate’s potential. The aptitude tests help determine which of the candidates will be able to meet the challenges of the role. The results help to put the best people forward so you can decide who will best fit into your existing team.

Don’t just go out to find candidates to fill a role, give GetSet a call and we’ll do the heavy lifting and make sure that you get the very best.

How does managing a school based apprentice or trainee differ from a standard apprenticeship or traineeship?

Standard apprentices or trainees have two main components: instruction through a training organization and on-the-job experience. You may be familiar with a standard traineeship or apprenticeship, but how will managing a school based trainee or apprentice differ? School based apprentices and trainees have similar basic expectations as a standard trainee or apprentice but with the additional component of completing high school.

The student’s outcome will depend on managing the various components and that’s where we come in. GetSet closely and carefully monitor the student’s progress with their training organization, their performance on the job and their progress in school. We report back to you on a monthly basis to ensure you have a complete understanding on where your apprentice or trainee stands at any given point.

Our role is to monitor their development so you can concentrate on running your business. This allows us to mentor the apprentices and trainees we work with to help them stay on track. GetSet are highly skilled partners for organizations of any size. From SunRice to Southern Cotton, NEWLEC to Southern Central Engineering to Freedom Foods, regardless of the size or type of your business GetSet is there to help.