School Based Apprenticeships, the future for your business!

As your business progresses and grows, so does your staffing needs. Many business owners look to bringing on an apprentice or trainee, but the benefits of a school based apprenticeship or traineeship are often overlooked.

School based traineeships and apprenticeships lead to the same completion and qualifications as a standard apprenticeship or traineeship. They are working towards the same goal, same certifications and they are working toward the completion of their high school education. Students commence their apprenticeship or traineeship in year 11 while still attending school working to attain their HSC.

The apprenticeship or traineeship will involve one day a week of study and one day a week of work. The remaining three days are spent at school working towards their HSC. Upon completion of their HSC at the end of year 12, the student has also completed stage 1 (first year) of their traineeship or apprenticeship.

This process benefits employers in ways a standard apprenticeship or traineeship can’t. It allows the student to commence their traineeship or apprenticeship with the understanding they will complete year 12. Students at this phase in life will have a stronger support network around them to help along the way. It is also easier for them to survive on an apprentice or trainee wage. Ensuring an individual completes year 12 also provides more stability in your employees. Candidates are able to make better choices to which careers they choose to pursue. The schedule also allows employers time to educate their trainee or apprentice on their corporate culture and what you expect. It’s an easier transition for a student to make and when they complete year 12 and transition to full time, they are already working to a standard they know is expected of them. Overall employers see fewer problems acclimating a school based apprentice or trainee than they do with a full time trainee or apprentice.

As employers are well aware, many of the candidates for advertised apprenticeships and traineeships are students who are after any opportunity they can find to leave school. These candidates are just after a job and may not be all that interested in the specific position advertised. These candidates are more likely to leave prior to completing their training if they see what is perceived as a better offer somewhere else. Why not make sure the investment you are making in their career is also an investment that stays with and continues to benefit your business and community?

The more education and training individuals have, the better they can support your business. Give us a call if you’d like to learn about how a school based apprentice or trainee can benefit you and your business. We’re here to help.