Study shows 250k youth unemployed across Australia

There are over 250,000 unemployed Australians between the age of 15 and 24, are you one of them?

The recently released stats show that the figure of unemployed youth has risen by over 50,000 in the last ten years alone. Of the 250,000 unemployed youth, 60,000 of them live in NSW.

Key factors of the employment gap stem from several areas including education, access and participation in employment programs and the business community providing training and incentives. Employers are in many places desperately seeking skilled workers and finding candidates for some apprenticeships and traineeships is becoming more and more challenging.

However the disconnect shows with 67,000 recorded job vacancies across NSW, with 25,000 of those requiring only a CERT I, II, or III (without work experience and or completion of secondary education) there are 42,000 available entry level jobs open.

Don’t get stuck in the unemployment loop, there are things you can do to get working. If you’re in school, get to know your careers advisers and find out what options and resources are available to you. Try to arrange some work experience in the industries you’re interested in. If you are out of school or not and know what you’d like to do, get your resume and an introduction letter ready and get out to meet employers in your area in those industries. Set an appointment and pop in to have a chat to introduce yourself. Don’t think an employer is going to come looking for you or respond to a request for a job on social media.

For students and those who are already out of school looking for work, register and upload a resume with us at the bottom of the page so we can be able to send your resume across to potential employers.

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