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It’s YOUR World! Youth Mentoring Program

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Our ‘It’s YOUR World!’ Youth Mentoring Program is designed to engage youth in years 9 and 10 who are under-engaged at school and do not actively participate in school and or local community activities and is offered across terms 3, and 4. Students are paired up with an adult mentor in a one-on-one mentoring program designed to encourage students to find ways to become active in their local community.  We encourage the belief with participating students that their impact on the world extends ‘beyond the school fence’ as they are guided by a mentor in becoming more active in their local community.

Mentors participating in our previous mentoring programs have generally been community leaders and business professionals who are able to spend an hour a week, during school hours and on school grounds working with their mentee to identify key personal interests and find ways to develop those interests towards community activity through volunteering, fundraising and/or community awareness programs. Each mentor is required to pass a police background and a working with children check, and provide personal and professional references to ensure they are a proper fit for the program. Upon successful completion of the application process, mentors are inducted to ensure a full understanding of the mentor/mentee relationship and what is expected of them throughout the process.

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previous programs, GetSet has worked with mentors and students who have developed and delivered projects within their local communities that:

  • Promote environmental awareness
  • Public events aimed directly at promoting arts and culture
  • Empowering women
  • Sports gala days with primary schools to promote exercise, fitness and proper diet to younger students
  • Develop mental health awareness programs aimed at educating peers
  • Fundraiser that support community resources like Headspace, animal shelters and disadvantaged individuals within their local community
  • Events that promote multi-cultural awareness and celebrate community diversity

Our ‘It’s YOUR World! Mentoring Program is designed to help students build self confidence, show they have an impact on the world around them and can influence change in their community. The program heightens awareness of the importance of individual community involvement and is hoped to promote a lifelong desire to remain active within their communities.

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